RAC Canada Day Contest, July 1 2019

Mardy VE3QEE and Parker VA3WPS past Canada Day, The Canada Day Contest will be here soon, starting Sunday, right after Field Day. We will be using VE3DC our well known Club Callsign. Some of the guys have been out to do antenna work in preparation for this event, two...

Fox Hunts 2019

Well, it's that time of the year again and the hidden transmitter schedule is here.

Hamilton Amateur Radio Club Contacts the ISS on behalf of the 58 Scout group Hamilton

Thanks to the 58th Hamilton Scout group for the opportunity to serve!

Steeltown “Tailgate Treasures” Summer Swap 2019

Tailgate swap meet 2019 located at VanWagners Beach Strip parking lot.

Equipment Sales / Donations

Do you have any Electronics, Radio's or Amateur Radio related equipment for sale or donation? Contact the club executives at: exec@hamiltonarc.ca

Basic Amateur Radio Classes

New classes begin September, 2019, Hosted by The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club.

Hamilton Area Nets

Hamilton Area Nets SUNDAY TIME: 20:00 (8pm LOCAL TIME) PROCOM NET 442.625+ MHZ VE3DXS TONE 131.8 HZ 442.525+ MHZ VE3UHM TONE 131.8 HZ 444.075+ MHZ VE3NCF TONE 131.8 HZ MONDAY TIME: 19:30 (7:30 PM) HAMILTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB NET 146.760 – MHZ VE3NCF TONE 131.8...


Amateur Radio as a hobby…

The hobby of Amateur Radio, today more than ever, is an extension of scientific knowledge applied to telecommunications.

Industry Canada believes that Amateur Radio should be accessible, so that those who are interested in the science and art of radio communication may avail themselves of every reasonable opportunity to learn, enjoy and contribute to its progress.

The department also recognizes the necessity for Amateur Operators to have some technical and operating knowledge before being allowed on the Amateur Radio bands. To further these aims of the department The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1932 and continues today.

“The stated purpose of the  Club is to promote public interest in Amateur Radio communications, experimentation and the advancement of the art and science of radio.  The H.A.R.C. holds regular public meetings, offers educational courses, engages in radio sport and community activities utilizing our newsletter and social media to promote the clubs activities. The members and executive of the  H.A.R.C. promote an inclusive fraternalism, a high standard of conduct and good citizenship.”