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Jamboree on the Air 2019 using VE3DC

Jamboree on the Air with 1St Grimsby North  by Rick VE3BK   We did Jamboree on the Air with the 1st Grimsby North Group again this year, on Saturday October 19, 2019. We have been doing JOTA for this group since 2014. We do HF, UHF, VHF and one of the Leaders does Internet on the Air usually. The pictures are here for this event.  For pictures CLICK HERE. For More information about JOTA: CLICK HERE

HARC Hamfest 2019

Hamilton Amateur Radio Club Hamfest 2019, at the school Fair Building, Ancaster Fair Grounds. Saturday, October 5th, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

ARRL Field Day 2019

Feld Day 2017 is wrap! Beautiful weather for 22 out of 24 hours, pretty good band conditions and a good time was had by all. Follow this post for pictures.

RAC Canada Day Contest, July 1 2019

Mardy VE3QEE and Parker VA3WPS past Canada Day, The Canada Day Contest will be here soon, starting Sunday, right after Field Day. We will be using VE3DC our well known Club Callsign. Some of the guys have been out to do antenna work in preparation for this event, two very successful days, actually started for the Ontario QSO Party Field Day is on the Saturday and Sunday of 3rd weekend in June. Canada Day starts at 00:00 UTC or 8 pm locally on the Sunday June 30th, 2019, the weekend after Field Day, and running till 23:59 UTC or 7:59...

Announcing the 22nd Annual Ontario QSO Party 2019

The Ontario QSO Party is always held on the third full weekend of April. The first part is 1800Z April 20 to 0500Z April 21, this means 2pm Saturday April 20 to 1am Sunday April 21 and second part is 1200Z to 1800Z April 21 which means 8am to 2pm on Sunday April 21, 2018. The Ontario QSO Party is coming up again on the 3rd weekend of April. Please clear your calendars for the weekend of April 20/21. We will be running VE3DC. The snow is all gone and the mobiles and rovers will be in full operation, enjoying...