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Announcing the CQWW160SSB 2019 Contest

VE3DC has won many Certificates for this contest in our Class in Canada and in Ontario. So let’s do it again this year in 2019. You can check the official results for us on the official webpage at: This is our next contest. Feb 21 – Feb 23/ 2019 . This actually starts at 5pm on Friday Feb. 21th (22.00 UTC Feb.22 to 21:59 UTC Feb.24, a 48 hour contest) to 5 pm on Sunday Feb. 25th, 2019. Rules are here: We will be doing the SSB once again from our Contest site. Let me know if you...

Summer Swap

2017’s Tailgate Treasures event was so much fun, we’re going to do it again! Click below for details.

What we did this Summer in 2017

What we did this Summer in 2017              by Rick VE3BK The people at the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club were still busy this summer, even with the July-August break. Here are some things we did this summer: 1. Ahmet VA3TUR organized the 1st Annual Tailgate Treasures June 17, 2017 , down by the pool on the beach strip. It worked out well with Ahmet, Jim VE3JS and Rick VE3BK selling stuff for the Club. Tailgate Treasure on the Beach Strip entrance. Vendors took to the new venue and lots of sales. We did well at the Club table, making this new...

Special Event Station VC3C2C

Announcing Special Event Station VC3C2C, celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and the 85th anniversary of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

CANWARN Training comes to Stoney Creek April 23, 2016

Get your training in CANWARN. This years training is taking place at 777 Highway 8 Stoney Creek at the OLD Stoney Creek City Hall. See the Emergency Communications Ontario Association (ECOA) Website here for information on CANWARN

Hams helping Hams

Greetings Fellow Amateur Operators… May I take this opportunity to give a big ‘THANK-YOU” to our fellow member Ahmet – VA3TUR for helping me install a vehicle radio on Saturday December 5. There were several complications with this install with both the radio and the antenna due to vehicle construction. Ahmet’s patience and experience however won the day and this operator is the better for it.     Thanks again Ahmet I learned a lot! Mark…VA3FLC