Contesting Photos

Canada Day 2019

Canada Day 2018, back to using our Club Call VE3DC

The OQP 2018.  Another venture up north using VE3RCB

The CQWW160M SSB Contest, back to using VE3DC for the first time in 2018

Our last time using VC3C2C on the RAC Winter Contest December 30, 2017

The RAC Winter contest is one that we like to do because we get
to see what the weather is like in Newfoundland and all the Provinces.
The cold and the little bit of snow was nothing for us Canadians to
weather to have fun working everyone we could.
This was the last time the VE3DC group was able to use the special event
callsign for Canada’s 150th Birthday and the 85th Anniversary of the
Hamilton Amateur Radio Club.
We definitely had fun using this unique call all year. Lots of the
stations we worked had worked us before and knew that we had two numbers
in a rather strange call. I really think it was fitting to use this call
in the RAC Contests.

This is our RAC Canada 150 Award (clean sweep)

VC3C2C Canada 150 Award



Using the VC3C2C call in the CQWWDX SSB Contest in 2017

CQWW 160m SSB Contest in 2017

Canada Day 2017, Using Special Event

Call VC3C2C for Canada’s 150th Birthday 

The Gentlemen’s Band Contest CQWW160

Canada Winter Contest 2016

CQ World Wide DX 2016

Canada Day 2016, Canada’s 149th Birthday

148th Birthday, Canada Day Contest 2015

Ontario QSO Party 2015

Ontario QSO Party up North as VE3RCB

Canada Winter Contest – Dec. 27, 2014

CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest 2014

Canada Day July 1st, 2014 our 147th Birthday in Canada

Ontario QSO Party 2014 Fun working Ontario and all

CQWWDX 2013 A fun contest working the World

RAC Canada Winter Contest 2013 as VA3RAC

Canada Day 2013