What we did this Summer in 2017              by Rick VE3BK

The people at the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club were still busy this summer, even with the July-August break.

Here are some things we did this summer: 1. Ahmet VA3TUR organized the 1st Annual Tailgate Treasures June 17, 2017 , down by the pool on the beach strip.

It worked out well with Ahmet, Jim VE3JS and Rick VE3BK selling stuff for the Club.

Tailgate Treasure on the Beach Strip entrance.

Vendors took to the new venue and lots of sales.

We did well at the Club table, making this new adventure for the H.A.R.C. successful.

  1. The Club had Field Day at Valley Park again this year. It was a great success with Visitors stopping by to see what we were doing.

Some of the Field Day Group taking a break. Murray VE3ZPV, Mardy VE3QEE, Brian VA3BGN, Jim VE3JS, Ahmet VA3TUR and Andrew VE3RIA.

Andrew VE3RIA making many contact on the 40m CW Station.

Rick VE3BK working a pileup on the 40m SSB Station.

  1. Canada Day on July 1st 2017 was Canada’s 150th Birthday and we were using the Special Event Call VC3C2C.

 Mardy VE3QEE and Parker VA3WPS at the 20m Station.

Sherry VE3CDU at the 40m Station. We ran Multi-multi.

This was our score with 3 ½ hours to go yet.

  1. We had Club Breakfasts at the new Breezy Corners on Main Street East, across from where the old No-Frills was. The people there treat us very good with great service and good food too. Check the Calendar on our web site for the next one.

I just found out that the next one is October 7, 2017 at Breezy Corners, Main Street location at 9am. Usually the first Saturday of the month.

This is the group at one of the summer breakfasts. We had them on July 9th and August 5th.

  1. The Club BBQ was held at Binbrook Park again. What a great place for a BBQ. Thanks to Jim VE3JS for organizing it. Both Jim and Ahmet VE3TUR did the cooking. That corn that Jim got for us, melted in your mouth, I think I ate 3.

This is a group shot of some of the picnic bunch.

What a beautifully scenic place to have our BBQ for the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club in 2017

  1. We activated the Burlington Main Light for the ILLW. We had many visitors come by and wonder what we were doing. Some had fathers or relatives that were Hams, so knew what we were doing. Thanks to all that participated.

Bob VE3ITW, Mardy VE3QEE on his new IC-7300 and Rick VE3BK logging on the computer. Lake Ontario in the background.

One of our visitors getting one of our handouts.

More visitors to our remote operation for the ILLW.

  1. The Contest Club Ontario also had a BBQ. One of the members Greg VE3PJ received the plaque that the H.A.R.C. sponsors for the Ontario QSO Party. Our Club VE3DC is a member as well as many that participate with the Contest Group.

This is a partial lineup to pay for our catered food with David VE3DWJ visible. Also at the head of the line is Dave VE3NKN that some of you may know. John VE3EJ is in the background with his well behave dog. He hosted the event.

This is Rick VE3BK on the right, presenting Greg VE3PJ with the plaque sponsored by the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club for Single Operator, All band, Low power.

So as you can see, we had a few things going during the summer. Oops, I nearly forgot, there was 2 Fox Hunts that happened as well on July 23rd and August 27th.

Here is Mardy VE3QEE with his direction finding antenna.

And one of the best parts, going for coffee after and bragging rights. Pictured Samantha VE3LZY,  Gary VE3GYX,  Jim VE3JS and Roger VE3UFZ.

What a great summer with many things to get involved in. Hope you all had a great summer……….73 Rick VE3BK