All are welcome. If you have never hunted before come to the starting location and ride along with one of the more experienced hunters. There is some spare equipment available so ask one of the regular hunters if you may borrow some equipment to try foxhunting. First transmission will be as noted in the schedule below, and the hunt should be over within 150 minutes or less.

The fox can be anywhere with the following guidelines. Must be in the designated hunting ground and may be heard from the start point. Must be in a public location; i.e. no private property. Must be in a safe location; e.g. not in a high traffic area. See the hunting location “Area Maps” for the specific date of interest.

** Shortest driving distance with the most finds,wins. **

After the hunt we can meet at a specified location to do a post hunt analysis, pick a fox for the next month, and discuss other important events of the day. For more info, contact: executive

See below for full schedule…


Well, CO-VID put the kibosh on this year’s schedule. We’re planning on a hunt for the October 4 weekend. Details to be announced.