Announcement: the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2015 (ILLW) will be on August 15th and 16th, 2015 this year and we will be at the same place on the Beach Strip. This has been a great spot for us with lots of interest from the public. We will be running VE3DC as usual on whatever bands we can.

This year is the 157th Anniversary of the Burlington Lighthouse. We have been operating on adjacent property on the Beach Strip for the last 9 years. We will be looking for participants to help operate and set up temporary antennas again this year. Let Mike Krebs VA3WXS know if you can come and maybe bring some equipment or an antenna to experiment with.
Mike’s number is 905-523-9005. I know that there is a lot of interest in this event. If you can’t get Mike on the phone and you are interested in giving us a hand, you can email me at Mike will probably be phoning you for confirmation.

Check out the information on these websites. August is the month of Lighthouse events. If you go to the ARLHS website, you will see there is also a contest on the 2nd weekend but we are not involved with this one, just the ILLW event when many Lighthouses are on as Special Event stations like VE3DC.

You can check out the ILLW at their site here
International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend – Held on the third full weekend in August – An annual amateur radio weekend event conducted under the sponsorship of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group, (AARG), Scotland.

We usually only operate in the daytime on the Saturday and the Sunday, not for the whole weekend and make good use of the two days experimenting with antennas and working as many as we can while we are there.

You can check out the Beach Canal Lighthouse Group. This is a group of volunteers that are working on getting renovations done to the Lighthouse at the Canal:

Information on the Canal Lighthouses can be found at:
If you want to help us out this year, let Mike know or send me an email to let us know. Thanks

73 Rick VE3BK

Mardy demonstrating Flex Radio to interested youth