Announcing The 19th Annual Ontario QSO Party 2016



Held on the third full weekend of April.  First part is 1800Z April 16 to 0500Z April 17, this means 2pm Saturday April 16 to 1am Sunday April 17 and second part is 1200Z to 1800Z April 17 which means 8am to 2pm on Sunday April 17, 2015.

The Ontario QSO Party is coming up this month! Please clear your calendars for the weekend of April 16/17.  The snow should be all gone and the mobiles and rovers will be in full operation, enjoying the Springtime conditions we usually have this time of year. Tom and Tracy will likely be one of the rovers again this year, maybe working 3 counties at once. We hope that Tracy wins a plaque with her call, VA3XU. We all like working the mobiles and rovers especially from our Multi-op Multi-radio setup. Also on the air will be the three bonus-point stations VE3ODX, VA3RAC and VA3CCO which make this an interesting contest. Let me know if you are interested in running a station or plan on coming out to operate VE3DC.  We plan on having as many stations on the air as possible. The new to ham radio people are more than welcome to come and see how we do it.  Dan VA3DJ may or may not be visiting the Contest site as he did last year. He still is having trouble with his health, so this means that someone will be able to run his favourite band (75 meters) as we did last year.

This event is held annually on the third full weekend of April. Beginning in 1998 under the thoughtful guidance of Bob Chandler VE3SRE it quickly became a popular event among Ontario hams and beyond. VE3DC has been involved since the beginning and have many plaques and certificates from this event. In 2006 the organization of the party was turned over to Contest Club Ontario (CCO) who now manages the event. Our own club sponsors a plaque for top Single Operator Low Power, yet to be won by someone in our Club.

In the contest, stations outside Ontario make as many contacts with Ontario amateur radio stations as possible. Ontario stations contact as many amateur radio stations as possible both in Ontario and world-wide.  Please check the rules at for the contest exchange, frequencies, modes and categories.

The contest will be here soon so let me know if you want to be a part of this great Canadian event this year.  You don’t have to be a great Contester to come and help out. We have fun on this one and get to talk to many Canadians. We find out the weather in Eastern, Western and all parts of Canada and we even get some sleep on the Saturday night as per the times that are in effect now, making it safer for the Rovers and Mobiles. Many of our American friends  come to give us a contact for our Ontario QSO Party.  Lots of fun.  CU there.

73  Rick Danby VE3BK

Contesting Manager for VE3DC

Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

Hamilton, Ontario Canada