Announcing The 23nd Annual Ontario QSO Party 2020, To be held on the third full weekend of April 1800Z April 18 (which is 12 Noon local time) to 0500Z April 19, 2020 (to 1am local time) and then sleep time and back at it at 1200Z (that is 8am on the Sunday) to 1800Z April 19, 2020 (5:59pm on the Sunday)

  Mardy operating OQP at the trailer     

Beginning in 1998 under the thoughtful guidance of Bob Chandler VE3SRE it quickly became a popular event among Ontario hams and beyond. In 2006 the organization of the party was turned over to Contest Club Ontario (CCO) who now manages the event.

In the contest, stations outside Ontario make as many contacts with Ontario amateur radio stations as possible. Ontario stations contact as many amateur radio stations as possible both in Ontario and world-wide. See the full set of rules for the contest exchange, frequencies, modes and categories.

We have been operating this contest, from the very beginning and have won many certificates and plagues as VE3DC Contest group. This year, because of the Panademic, we will not be operating from Haldimond county but instead, all operators will be picking a one band only to operate from their home station. We all need to use the Writelog that we use at the trailer, and keep a log. We are going to try to network over the Internet and or send me each log which I will merge as one for entry. This method has been approved by the organizers of the Ontario QSO Party, so we will be following the rules. We have to maintain only one station on each band at a time, thus only one band per station. Any other arrangement would have to be coordinated by myself. Anyone who wants to get in on this action, please email me at or call me on the phone at 905-544-3253. We will make sure you have a copy of Writelog and I will assist anyone not familiar with the setup for the OQP and network.

So give me a call if you want in on this new way of contesting. We can safely distance ourselves but still have fun in this contest, and still run multi-multi. Contest rules are at:

Hopefully someone from the H.A.R.C. who is operating at home using their own call, will win the plaque the H.A.R.C. sponsores. Check out the plaque sponsors at:  to see what class you could enter and what class we sponsor.

73 Rick VE3BK