The Canada Day Contest will be here soon, after Field Day again this year.

Field Day is on the Saturday and Sunday of June 25-26 this year with Canada Day starting at 00:00 UTC or 8 pm locally on the Thursday June 30th, 2016, 5 days after Field Day, and running till 23:59 UTC or 7:59 pm locally on Friday July 1st, 2015. This year it is on the Thursday and Friday so everyone will likely have the Friday off for the holiday…… reason not to come out, run a station, or have fun operating one we have set up. You will have most of the week and till 8pm on the Thursday to recuperate from Field Day.

We will be looking for stations to be run at the contest site. Call me if you can help out or run a station (my number is in the book or email me at  Rules and information can be found in the TCA magazine May/June 2016 issue page 50 or on the RAC website here

Hope to see you there. If you can’t help out, at least get on the air and wish your fellow hams in Canada “Happy Canada Day” . Don’t forget to look for us on every band too at VE3DC. We can always use as many contacts from you as you can give us. Let’s make this another great Canada Day Event.

Again this year, we will be taking a break and celebrating Scott’s VE3QU birthday. You will have to ask him how young he will be this year.

73 Rick Danby VE3BK
Contesting Manager for VE3DC
Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
Hamilton, Ontario Canada