VE3DC has won many Certificates for this contest in our Class in Canada and in Ontario. So let’s do it again this year in 2020. You can check the official results for us on the official webpage at:

This is our next contest. Feb 21 – Feb 23/ 2020 . This actually starts at 5pm on Friday Feb. 21th (22.00 UTC Feb.22 to 21:59 UTC Feb.24, a 48 hour contest) to 5 pm on Sunday Feb. 25th, 2019. Rules are here:

We will be doing the SSB once again from our Contest site. Let me know if you want to be scheduled as an operator. This is the Gentleman’s Band which is best at night time in the Winter months.

I guess the snow or cold weather makes it better. It looks like good weather, not flooding and ice like we have had before, especially now that the water run off problem has been fixed and no one will get stuck with the new gravel. Lets hope we do have good weather this year.

Let me know if you want to be an operator for this fun contest. I want to hear if you can or cannot attend, so that a schedule can be made up. We will be only on the 160 band, so that means only one radio. We can set up another radio to listen for multipliers but not transmit.

New hams are always welcome to see how we operate (we will have a few from our previous classes).

This is a great one to observe and/or get your feet wet as Contesters. This is a 48 hour contest, so everybody should be able to put in some time. Let me know. My email is:   

73 Rick VE3BK