February-Digital Operating Award


In January 2013, the award known as the CW Order of the Gavel Award, was renamed the Digital Operating award by the 2012-2013 executives as a result of the additional modes of operation available and the decline in the CW submissions for the CW QSO’s.  (CW being one of the first forms of digital modes available) This change in “re-branding” the award and opening the award to other modes of operation was done to encourage club participation while keeping intact the original mode of operation.

Note that Award Winners between 1979 and 2011 where exclusively CW mode only. Future winners will have specified which mode of operation was recognized by The Hamilton ARC.


The purpose of this award is to promote the use of DIGITAL communications and to stimulate an interest among the newer Hams to operate in the HF bands.


  1. The event is open to all members of the HARC.
  2. The award may not be won two con successive years in a row by the same club member.
  3. The contest will be an annual event.
  4. Only the previous twelve months will be considered, from January 1st through December 31st. In the case of a new Ham of less than 12 months, the score will be prorated by dividing 365 by the number of days licensed, times the score of points attained.
  5. The following point system will be used to decide the winner:
    Digital QSO’s @ 1 point per QSO
    C.W. QSO’s @ 5 points per QSO.
  6. The total points from above will be adjusted by a DX multiplier of 1, 2 or 5 points per DX country in relation to the power levels listed above. DX will be the current ARRL DX country list. There will be no DX multiplier for USA.
  7. A valid QSO will be QTH, RST, and name.

Please submit this form not later than the February 1st. The judges may want to see your logs before making their final decision. Include QSO’s from January 1st through December 31. A valid QSO must be in a digital mode using your own call sign and must contain the standard report (i.e. RST, name, call and QTH). Fill in the applicable blanks in the form to compute your score.

Past Recipients (between 1979 and 2011 all recipients where exclusively CW submissions) 

1979 VE3JTO/VA3SP Mike Spenuk
1980 VE3AHB Irwin Merritt
1981 VE3EKY Bernard Granby {SK}
1982 VE3KOT Mort Paterson
1983 VE3NYF Gary Dumbleton
1984 VE3NKW John Rozsa
1985 VE3OIZ Bill Leslie
1986 no recipient
1987 no recipient
1988 VE3SRK Richard Leah
1989 VE3VFR Norm Sander
1990 no recipient
1991 no recipient
1992 VE3DSN Sheran DeVotta
1993 no recipient
1994 VE3JWJ John Johnston
1995 no recipient
1996 no recipient
1997 VE3YAG Richard Appleyard
1998 VE3STT David Jones

1999 VE3EKY Bernie Granby {SK}
2000 VE3EKY/VA3XJ Bernard Granby {SK}
2001 no recipient
2002 VA3RE Bob Edge
2003 no recipient
2004 no recipient
2005 VE3EKY/VA3XJ Bernard Granby {SK}
2006 no recipient
2007 no recipient
2008 no recipient
2009 no recipient
2010 no recipient
2011 no recipient
2012 VE3BK Rick Danby