March – Order Of Merit


  1. The “Order of Merit” is awarded by the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club, hereafter called “The Club”, in recognition of distinguished service, in the realm of amateur radio.
  2. An award committee consisting of not less than three, nor more than five Past Presidents of the club, who are members in good standing , shall be appointed by the executive committee of the club. Appointments shall be for a period of three years and reappointments are permitted. Such committee to appoint their own chairperson.
  3. Persons eligible to be nominated for this award shall satisfy rules 4 and 5.
  4. The person shall be a member or past member of the club.
  5. The person shall have performed a service to amateur radio which:
  1. Is not that normally expected for any appointment, or elected position, or office or.
  2. Has prompted and has resulted in greater interest and enjoyment from amateur radio for the members of the club, or any allied organization, which is worthy of recognition by the club

6.  Any club member may nominate a person (in writing) for this award, provided that the nomination:

  1. States the service performed by the nominated person that warrants the nomination; and…
  2. is signed by three current members.

7.  The nominations shall be forwarded to the award committee.

8. A nomination shall be deemed acceptable for the award provided that not more than one member of the award committee abstains from voting, or casts a negative vote. The decision of the committee shall be final.

9. The award will not be awarded on an annual or fixed time basis, but according to the frequency that such truly distinguished Services are performed, or brought to the attention of the club.

10. Persons awarded the “Order of Merit” shall have their name and call sign engraved upon the “Order of Merit” plaque and a framed Certificate will also be awarded.

The award committee shall prepare and keep on record the citation for each award.


Past Recipients
VE3RW John Card {SK}
VE3FHB Ken Christmas
VE3FHQ Glenn Gibson
VE3BOJ John Holland
VE3EHL Ed Leslie
VE3ARX Bill McCaslin
VE3CFM Bob Miller
VE3GCP Fred Robinson
VE3DNM Max Pizzolato
VE3VZ Walt Smith
VE3GFE Stan Bolibruch
VE3FSI Ed Charlesworth
VE3BOY John Dykstra
VE3DSP Glen Simpson
VE3FMT Jim Trayes
VE3BKM Vern Huckle
VE3GLL Geoff Legg
VE3AHB Irwin Merritt
VE3CJ Noel Eaton {SK}
VE3LWY Roy Alderson

VE3QE Les Whetham
VE3UH John Eaton {SK}
VE3EKY Bernard Granby {SK}
VE3BJN Bob Marshall
VE3EGT Les Tobicoe {SK}
VE3FLZ Dave Walton
VE3OQG Fiore Manga
VE3BYM Ralph Tufts
VE3ITY Boris Auguste
VE3BK Norm Smith {SK}
VE3CZI Norm Freidin
VE3FDK John Kassay
VE3KTT Les Sharman
VE3OCT Doug Aitken
VE3CIB Bob Wilson
VE3JTQ/VA3SP Mike Spenuk
VE3SON Jim Walsh
VA3SP Mike Spenuk
VE3VMO Victor Spafford
VE3OCY Donald Graziano

VE3EKY Bernard Granby {SK}
VE3OGQ Mary Urbanski
VE3QEE Mardy Eedson
VA3AM Alan MacPherson
VE3AAH Gordon Barber
VE3WXS Mike Krebs
VE3DVV John Vandenberg
VE3DCU Sherry Goeller
VE3OGQ Mary Urbanski
VE3FDK John Kassay
VE3TTO Gary Notto
VA3ANI Anita Thomas
VE3GCP Fred Robinson
VA3NZ Lorraine MacPherson
VE3BK / VE3OZY Rick Danby
VE3DWJ David Bruton
VE3QEE Mardy Eedson