May – Crawford Trophy

The Crawford “home brew” trophy is awarded annually to the best home made device for use in the amateur radio shack.

The name “home brew” portrays the idea that the device was constructed in the home workshop, thereby requiring skill and patience in producing a product of quality. It also suggests that the device was made at home during leisure hours, rather than at the place of employment.


To encourage radio amateurs to build their own equipment. The prime purpose for making a device would be for improved amateur radio communications, and/or for testing amateur radio equipment.


  1. The device shall have been completed in the twelve months prior to the contest.
  2. Although a limited number of operations in the fabrication of the device may be processed outside the home workshop, the majority of the work shall have been done in the contestants own workshop or that of a friend during leisure hours.
  3. A contestant is to be given an opportunity to explain operation and purpose of the device, and any other details deemed helpful about the construction.
Past Recipients
1963 VE3AHQ G. Muscat
1964 VE3 D. J. Eaton
1965 VE3EUM H. Walker
1966 VE3BLG/VA3GO G. Olenick
1967 no recipient
1968 VE3DZP G. Clifford
1969 VE3FGQ D. Harvey
1970 VE3EHL E. Leslie
1971 VE3DVV J. Vandenberg
1972 no recipient
1973 VE3DNM Max Pizzolato
1974 VE3GVT B. Hendershot
1975 VE3FMT Jim Trayes
1976 VE3GVT B. Hendershot
1977 VE3HWY Ray Ewan
1978 VE3HWB K. Smith
1979 VE3ALM W. Spring
1980 VE3LWI F. Covey
1981 VE3ITJ A. Macikunas
1982 VE3ITJ A. Macikunas

1983 VE3ITJ A. Macikunas
1984 VE3JUD O. R. Smith
1985 VE3OCY Don Graziano
1986 VE3OIZ W. Leslie
1987 VE3OIN K. Redfern
1988 VE3OZG H. Rea
1989 VE3DKJ K. Johnson
1990 VE3OIN K. Redfern
1991 VE3LMS Grant Sewell
1992 VE3LMS Grant Sewell
1993 VE3VD Peter Shilton
1994 VE3JVJ Mark Hill
1995 VE3TNW Tony Wallace
1996 VE3TOK Bob Tenty
1997 VE3QEE Mardy Eedson
1998 VE3VNG Neil Galloway
1999 VE3DNN David Near
2000 —
2001 —
2002 —

2003 VE3CVP Casey VanBroekhoven
2004 VA3NZ Lorraine MacPherson
2005 VE3QEE Mardy Eedson
2006 VE3UFZ Roger Pimm
2007 VE3UFZ Roger Pimm
2008 VE3BAU Adam Mitchell
2009 VE3CXB John Hudak
2010 VE3GCP Fred Robinson / VE3BAU Adam Mitchell
2011 VE3RYI Mark Proctor
2012 VE3DVV John Vandenberg
2013 VE3MWH Mark Gibson
2014 VE3DVV John Vandenberg
2015 VE3QEE Mardy Eedson
2016 VA3WHO Robert Manley
2017 VE3HNG Kevin Barker