October – Art Ferguson – Award

The Art Ferguson Award is awarded by the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club in recognition of meritorious service to the public through amateur radio communication. To be eligible for this award the person shall be a member, or past member of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club. Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the club executive not later than November 8.The club executive committee will make a decision for this award based on the information received.

For more information on these club contests, contact the Awards and Contest Chairpersons.

This award will not be awarded on an annual or fixed time basis. It will posted in the October newsletter for nominations.

 Click here to download and print an Art Ferguson award nomination form.

Past Recipients

1982 VE3FHQ Glen Gibson
1983 VE3GFE Stan Bolibruch
1984 VE3KTT Les Sharman
1985 VE3DSP Glenn Simpson
1986 VE3GFE Stan Bolibruch
1987 VE3NYC Paul Hazen
1987 VE3HTF Paul Fleck
1988 VE3JSJ Gord Murray
1989 VE3NYC Paul Hazen
1990 no recipient
1991 no recipient
1992 no recipient
1993 no recipient
1994 VE3OQG Friore Manga
1995 no recipient
1996 VE3GCP Fred Robinson
1997 no recipient
1998 no recipient
1999 VE3BK/VE3OZY Rick Danby
2000 no recipient

2001 no recipient
2002 no recipient
2003 no recipient
2004 VE3FWL Frank Love
2005 VE3AAH Gordon Barber
2006 VE3QEE Mardy Eedson
2007 no recipient
2008 no recipient
2009 no recipient
2010 no recipient
 2011 VE3TTO Gary Notto