The H.A.R.C. Spouse Award


The “Spouses Award” is awarded by the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club, hereafter called “The Club”, in recognition of a Spouses support of Amateur Radio activities, or community involvement  in the realm of amateur radio. Persons eligible to be nominated for this award shall be a spouse of a member or past member of the club. The person shall have performed a service to amateur radio which is not normally expected from a club members spouse. The Spouses activity has resulted in greater interest and enjoyment from amateur radio for the members of the club, or any allied organization, which is worthy of recognition by the club. Any club member may nominate a person (in writing) for this award.
The nominations shall be forwarded to the award chairperson. ve3htf

The award will not be awarded on an annual or fixed time basis, but according to the frequency that such truly distinguished services are performed, or brought to the attention of the club.
The award chairperson shall prepare and keep on record the citation for each award.