Breakfast Events

Breakfast Group June 4, 2016

Smaller group but great fellowship

April 2, 2016

There was 10 people at the Symposium this time for good food and good conversation. It is a great place to go, with long tables so there can be many of us. Pictures courtesy of VE3QEE.

Our first time at the Symposium Cafe on Rhymal Road, December 5, 2015

Everyone must have shown up to check out the good food and the long table we were at. We had 20 at this breakfast, a great turnout.

Sept. 5, Breakfast

There were 14 people at this one, 16 if you wanted to count the two that were there already and didn’t realize it was the restaurant the we went to for our monthly breakfasts.

Pictures courtesy of Ahmet VA3TUR.

The Breakfast that almost wasn’t at the West End Diner, August 1st, 2015

This breakfast was almost cancelled, because of a few people that couldn’t make it. The weather was great and we had 18 people show up, enough that we were at 4 tables and had a great

breakfast with goods conversations. Hope to see the ones that couldn’t make it at the next breakfast.

73 Rick VE3BK

Our March 7, 2015 Breakfast, Largest yet

There was a great turnout with 18 people showing up for the third Club Breakfast of 2016. This is the biggest turnout we have had so far. Mike VA3WXS was the last to show up and we had used all the spaces in the Club section, so he was able to sit at his regular table, as he is a regular customer at the West End Diner. The actual breakfast was great food as usual, 3 people winning a free breakfast, with coupons provided by the owner. She had seen our group grow to this size and was very pleased. I think the winners were Ron VE3ZX, Scott VE3QU and John VE3DVV.

It was a great breakfast, with lots of QSOs and good fellowship. Ginette VA3SEW, took some pictures you can see on the Club Website at under photos. Hope to see you at the next breakfast,  April 4th (unless further notice, as this is Easter weekend).

We want to congratulate Ron on his new call VE3RM and also welcome Rob VA3WHO to the group.

73 Rick VE3BK

Breakfast in the New Year Jan. 3, 2015

There was a great turnout with 17 people showing up for the first Club Breakfast of 2016. The actual breakfast was good food as usual at the West End Diner. This time Paul had a new twist to the breakfast draw, this time it was the person who had the first birthday of the year. I thought I had a good chance as my birthday is the 21st of January……nope, John VE3DVV had his on the 17th. Someone else (not sure who it was) also had their birthday on the 17th, so now it was down to the time on the 17th. John pointed out that in Holland, they are 9 hours ahead so he was the automatic winner.

It was a great breakfast. I took some pictures you can see on the Club Website at under photos. Hope to see you at the next breakfast.

73 Rick VE3BK

October 18, 2014 Breakfast Social

September 6, 2014 Breakfast Social

August 02, 2014 Breakfast Social