Have you wanted to go to North Americas largest Hamfest but didn’t want to drive down. Well there’s another way. Drive part way and bus the rest of the trip. See information below form John Wasciuk,WA8TON / VO1TON / VO1HV

March 29, 2018
2878 Ticknor Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6921

Dear Ontario Amateur Radio Club Members and Friends,

Once again, it is that time of year when lots of hams around the world start thinking of the Dayton Hamvention. After all, with 29,296 attendees from all amateur radio interest areas, what’s not to like!

Don’t you wish you were going? You’re not looking forward to that long drive? Don’t drive! Take the Arrow bus! It’s inexpensive and easy. Even if you come from out of the Metro Detroit Area, you still relieve yourself of more than 8 hours of drive time!

As in years past, The Arrow Communication Association is sponsoring a bus trip from Ann Arbor, Michigan to the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio and back. The date is Saturday, May 19. We leave the park-and-ride at 5:00 am and get to the show at 9:00 am. We leave Xenia at 5:30 pm and arrive back to our large park-and-ride site by 9:30 pm. A continental breakfast is included on board. What more could you ask for?

Please Note: The departure time is 5:00 am this year because Xenia is one-half hour farther and the doors open up this year at 9:00 AM.

Check out our video from VE3IPS!


There is more. If you want to sell your stuff in the flea market, we have reserved a space there just for you! Every year, Arrow reserves a swap spot just for the bus trip crowd. You save $70.00. All we ask is that you keep your items to a reasonable limit and that you volunteer at least one hour of your time at the swap tables.

There is still more! As in the past several years, we are giving away DOOR PRIZES! In 2018, we already have donations from over a dozen Ham Radio Entrepreneurs around the U.S!

Also, again this year, Rex Harper, W1REX, of www.QRPme.com will be giving out a free kit to each and every bus rider. We had a great time putting together a no-solder gadget last time and will surly enjoy doing so again! This year’s “Bus Buildathon” will give us all a kit that we can use immediately! Just look at our video from 2017’s fun!


For those of you who cannot make it to Four Days in May, you will note that we have several nice QRP prizes on our list! There is more to come…

The cost is $55.00 for the round trip. (This increases to $65.00 on or after April 1.)  Please mail all applications to ARROW Communication Association, 2545 S. Lima Center Rd., Chelsea, MI 48118. Please note that this does not include the Hamvention ticket. That one you’ll have to do yourself! You may also use the link below to purchase a seat using PayPal.

We are trying to generate as much publicity as possible, which is why we are writing you. If you can, please share this information as widely as you are able. If you have a web page, please consider adding a paragraph about the trip and a link to https://w8rp.org/activities/dayton-bus-trip/ or simply https://w8rp.org/.  Talk it up on the air! If you check into a state wide or regional net, please mention it there, also. Feel free to include us in your publications.

We at Arrow deeply appreciate your help in this matter and we thank you.


John Wasciuk,
Activities Coordinator, ARROW Communication Association

Ann Arbor, Michigan:
jwasciuk at gmail dot com
(616) 560-3365

Ann Arbor: Home of the University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club, W8UM, Founded in 1913!