The foxhunt is a go on Sunday, October 4. Here are the details:


From Mardy Eedson VE3QEE.
Note: The forum will be used by the hunters during the fox hunt Oct 4 2020. If you do not wish to receive foxhunt related email. Please “mute” the hashtag (#Foxhunts)

Announcing a Fox Hunt Sunday from 1 to 3 PM.
There will be two or three foxes transmitting on a three minute interval in rotation.
The usual fox hunt frequency is: 146.565
The fox will be located in a city park or in a school yard in the east side of the upper city (east mountain area).
We will be following COVID precautions of distancing and mask wearing. We will NOT be meeting after the hunt. 
The foxes will be located in an easily accessible area so you can get to it. You don’t need to sign anything, Send us an email to show that you found the fox and what time you were there. If you can attach  a photo that would be even better. Send the email to Make sure #Foxunts is in the subject line.
Special note for those not on our members-only mailing list: mail your find to for credit toward the official no-prize. Use the #foxhunt hashtag in the subject line. Include a picture as an attachment, and be sure to include your call sign in the body of the message.
The foxes will be located in a way that you can find them easily.
The fox will be located in an area:
     bounded on the West by Upper James Street
     bounded on the North by the mountain brow
     bounded on the East by Mountain Brow Drive
     bounded on the South by Mohawk Road.
Because of Covid restrictions there will be no initial meeting place. If assistance or equipment is needed, please respond to this email. Have fun!