Hannukah Hustle Race November 18, 2012

Pictured here is Gerald Goldberg VE3HLI, past president of the H.A.R.C., who was in “The Hannukah Hustle” and was quite proud that he finished.

Gerald VE3HLI  Running the raceOne of the organizers of the Hams helping out with communications was Gary Notto VE3TTO. Other members of our club, besides Gerald, were David VE3DWJ and myself VE3BK.


Also present where past members of the Hamilton club and members of the Burlington club. Individual hams always come to help out at the races as well.

All the Hams that helped out were treated to a free lunch and T-shirt to commemorate the event. We all had a good time. Please think about helping Gary VE3TTO in future race events. It is for a good cause and the organizers appreciate our assistance with our radios.

Hanukah Hustle 2013 start