Amateur Radio HF Phone Nets Freq. Website Time
3730 Group 3.730 MHz. Yes 21:00 ET Nightly
3803 Roundtable Net  – Website is Yahoo Group site. After checking in you will be invited join the group and gain access to info, files, links & photos on site. Gary House AB9LF 3.803 MHz. No 23:00 ET Nightly
Alberta Public Service 3.700 MHz. No 0100 UTC Daily
ARES Ontario HF Nets 7.153 MHz
3.743 MHz
Yes 1:00pm Sundays ET
5:00pm Sundays ET
Aurora Net (Afternoon)
7.055 MHz
7.055 MHz.
Yes 23:30 UTC Daily
02:30 UTC Wed & Sun
B.C. Northern Net 3.775 MHz No  03:00 UTC Sunday, Wednesday
BC Public Service 3.729 MHz Yes 01:30 UTC Daily
British Columbia/Yukon NTS Traffic Net
Net Manager, Mike VE7DXD
3.716 MHz Yes  03:30 UTC Winter Daily
02:30 UTC Summer Daily
Amateur Radio Red Cross Net 14.125 MHz. Yes 19:00 UTC Sunday
CERTS  VE3BPQ 10 Meter Net 28.360 MHz. Yes 7:30pm Wed. ET
Chicken Junction Net 3.775 MHz. No 6:30pm ET Daily
C.L.A.R.A  Nets 7.055 MHz.
14.120 MHz.
3.750 MHz.
3.740 MHz.
Yes 9.00am Tues. ET
17:00 UTC
7:00pm Mon. ET
4:00pm Tues. PST
Cod Jigger Net 7.080 MHz.
3.740 MHz.
Yes  13:00 UTC (Nov-Apr) Daily
12:00 UTC (May-Oct) Daily
Communication Ontario Net. 7.153Mhz. No 10:00 am Daily ET
Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net [GLETN]
Pre Net 30 Min. prior
3.932 MHz. Yes 8:30pm Daily ET
Handi Radio Ham 3.765 MHz. No 9:00am ET Sundays
Intercontinental Amateur Radio Traffic Net 14.300 MHz. Yes 7:00am – 12 Noon Daily ET
International White Cane Net (NCS Vince VA3DV) 14.252 MHz. No 1:00pm Tuesdays ET
Laurentian Net 3.755 MHz. Yes 6:45 pm Daily ET
Le rseau des hiboux / The Owl Net 3.780 MHz. Yes 8:30pm ET Daily
Manitoba Evening Phone Net 3.747 MHz No 00:00 UTC Daily
Manitoba Public Service 3.747 MHz. Yes 7:00pm  CST Daily
Maritime Mobile Service Network 14.300 MHz. Yes 12:00pm-10:00pm Daily ET
Manitoba Six Meter Net 50.238 MHz No Wed. 9:00pm local
Manitoba WX Net 3.743 MHz. Yes 14:30 UTC
Maritime Net 3.750 MHz. No 18:00 Daily ET
Maritime Old Timers Net 3.750 Mhz. No 7:00 Sundays ET
Maritime Weather Net 3.770 Mhz. No 6:00am Mon. to Sat. ET
Michigan Amateur Radio Communications System 3.953 Mhz. No 11:00am Mon – Sat
1:00pm Sun. ET
Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps Net. NCS rotated among the 8 districts and Section Staff. Note: 3.932 and 7.232 are designated Michigan emergency frequencies. 3.932 MHz. No 5:00pm Sun. ET
Michigan District ARES Net
–  Denny
3.932 MHz. No 7:30pm Fri. ET
Michigan Information and Traffic Net (NTS) 3.952 MHz. No 7:30pm Fri. ET
Mississauga Maritime Net 14.122.5 MHz. No 7:45am ET Daily
Newfoundland and Labrador Evening Traffic Net 3.740 MHz Yes 21:30 UTC (Nov-Apr) Daily
22:30 UTC (May-Oct) Daily
North Bay Net 3.768 MHz. No 9:00am Sunday ET
Northwest Ontario Net 3.750 Mhz. No 8:15pm Daily ET
Old Sweat’s Net   VA3WSN Dave Net Manager 7.063 MHz. No 10:00am Tues. ET
Ontario Amateur Radio Service (Ontars) 3.755 MHz. Yes 7:00am-6:00pm Daily ET
Ontario Provincial Emerg Operations Centre HF Net 3.755 MHz. Yes 2:00pm ET Sunday
Ontario Phone Net (NTS) 3.742 MHz. Yes 4:00pm Daily ET
Ontario Swap Shop 7.055 MHz.
3.755 MHz.
Yes 12 Noon Sundays ET
7:00pm Sundays ET
Ontario Tech Net 7.055 MHz. No 11:00am Sundays ET
PL Net  (Net Control Roy VE2RWT) 3.787 MHz. Yes 08:00 – 09:00 ET Daily
Potato Seed Net 3.755 MHz. No 6:00 – 6:45 PM ET Daily
Pot Hole Net  (Ottawa Valley Mobile ARC) 7.095 Mhz.
3.760 MHz
Yes 10:00am Sat ET
10:00am Sun. ET
Pow Wow Club Net 3.750 MHz Yes 04:00 UTC Daily
Quebec HF Phone Net 3.780 MHz. No 7:00pm ET Daily Technical Net 3.772 MHz. Yes 7:30pm ET Wed.
Rotten Apples 7.238 MHz. Yes 6-7am & 7-8pm ET
Sandbox Roundtable Net 7.063.5 MHz. Yes 6:30pm Daily ET
Sanderson Hour 3.762.5 MHz. Yes 9:00pm Daily ET
Sask Public Service Net 3.735 MHz No 01:00 UTC Daily
Sunparlor Amateur Radio Club 3.805 MHz. Yes 1:00pm Sunday ET
Swan Amateur Radio Net 7.2325 MHz. Yes 2-4pm Saturday ET
Trans Canada Net 14.140 MHz. No 18:00 UTC Sundays & Holidays
Trans Canada Pow Wow Club (Oct1 to Apr.30) 3.750 MHz. Yes 12:00am Daily ET
Trans Provincial Net 7.055 MHz. Yes 7:00am-5:00pm Daily ET
Upper Peninsula Net (NTS) 3.921 MHz. No 5:00pm Daily ET
VO1 / VO2 Evening Net 3.785 MHz. No 22:30 UTC Daily
Wolverine Net  (NTS) 3.955 MHz. Yes 7:00pm Daily ET
 CW Nets  Freq. Site Time
10th Region Net CW 3.590 MHz No 01:45 UTC Daily
British Columbia Emergency Net [BCEN]
3.652 Mhz No Daily at 19:00 hours PST/PDT
Eastern Canada Net [ECN] 3.655 Mhz No 7:45-9:30pm Daily ET
Ontario Quebec Traffic Net [OQN] 3.667 MHz. No 21:00-00″00 UTC Daily
Peel Amateur Radio Club 3.685 MHz. No 10:00am Sunday ET
Pot Lid Net (slow speed 8-12 WPM)
– NM Roger VE3XRR  –
3.620 MHz. No 11:00am Sunday ET
Prairie Traffic Net 3.660 MHz. No 01:30 UTC Daily
QMN Michigan Section Net  updated 3.563 MHz. No 6:30 pm ET & 10:00 pm ET
VE2UMS Club Traffic Net 3.580 MHz No          20:00 – 21:00 ET Wednesday
  – [NCS Claude VE2CBW] max 10 wpm      

Andrew VE3RIA operating a station