Greetings fellow Amateurs,
This is a general mailing to all Hamilton Amateur Radio Club members.

It has been suggested that some of you may be interested in taking a CW course at Westdale this winter.  I have put together a teaching format using ‘Just Learn Morse Code’  and cleared a half hour each Thursday evening at Westdale in room 124. We will be starting this Thursday March 5.  Ron VE3RTJ, our Tech Night Guru, has agreed to reschedule his Tech Night activities to start at 7:30pm so we can have the first half hour for CW classes.

I think a half hour is sufficient time for code learning.  More than that and heads may explode.  You would also be more than welcome to stay after class and participate in the Tech Night activities which would follow.

I am counting on students to use ‘Just Learn Morse Code’ between classes to practice.  This software can be downloaded free here. It may be profitable for students to work ahead using this program.  I will be providing the letter groups that we will be learning at each class so students can work ahead if so desired. The letter groupings are those recommended by the ARRL for efficient learning.

Initially we will not be teaching the sending of code, and will leave it up to each student to acquire a key or paddle to go along with a keyer or simple oscillator.  Reading code is much more difficult to master than sending code. In fact, you may be able to learn how to send code first, but not be able to read it when listening.

At the end of the class’s, when all of the alphabet, punctuation, numbers and pro-signs are learned, we would be most willing to administer an Industry Canada test to certify your code achievements.

If you are interested in this additional Hamilton Amateur Radio Club program, please let me know via email at name tag line.  A brief note will suffice. I would like to know how many students we may have. Possibly a classroom will not be large enough (I dream on!)

Kind Regards to all,
Roger Pimm VE3UFZ
President – Hamilton Amateur Radio Club