Membership Dues Payment

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The basic and out of town dues options are mutually exclusive: choose only one of the two, whichever applies.

Add the number of family members you wish to add to your membership. Family members are voting members who are either licensed amateurs or over 18 years of age. Family members are always welcome as guests or students at no charge.

The RAC surcharge applies to all amateur members associated with your membership. If you’ve added a licensed family member to your non-RAC membership, then you should update your cart to indicate 2 RAC surcharges. ie: Adding a licensed family member who is not a RAC member would add $17.00 to your total dues bill.

Basic Annual Dues

$31.00 /  year

Sept. 1 2021


Aug. 31 2022


ADD: RAC Surcharge


(insurance surcharge if you or your family members are not RAC members. Update the cart quantity, 1 for you, 1 for each amateur family member)


Paying with Paypal

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  • If you choose to not use Paypal to pay your dues, just navigate away from this page. You may bring cash or a cheque to the next club meeting.
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