Santa Claus Run Hamilton Nov. 24, 2013

Rick VE3BK

By Rick VE3BK

This years run came a week after the Hanakah Hustle with over 600 runners. This race was done along the Bay Front, starting out at The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club and ending at Williams Fresh Café at Discovery Dr. on the Bay Front. Williams sponsored the race with coffee and wraps after the race finish.


They’re Off!

The same Hams were helping out at this one. There was Kevin VA3KRA, Gary VE3TTO, Peter VA3PRE, Joan VA3JNX, David VE3DWJ, Rick VE3BK, Norm VE3ZKO, Stan VE3SBB, and Kevin VE3HNG taking the pictures.  David and I wore our Santa Suits as was everyone involved in the race was supposed to do. I didn’t need the beard though, as my natural one did fine and I looked like the real Santa, at least one of the challenged racers thought so, he patted my beard with glee.

Santa Runners

Santa Runners

One problem we had on this race, the same one we had last year, we sometimes had trouble identifying the men from the women. Everone wore the Santa Suit with the Santa beard.  I personally missed some of the female runners because of this, or because they were wearing their numbers on the wrong side.

Stan VA3SBB & Norm VE3ZKO,GaryVE3TTOgiving directions

Stan VA3SBB & Norm VE3ZKO,
Gary VE3TTO giving directions

It was all fun and raising money for good causes again. The hot coffee and delicious wraps sure hit the spot after the race was over. You can tell from the pictures that it was a well attended event and we had fun doing it.