Contesting 2012

From February 24 – 26, 2012, the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club participated in the “World Wide 160 Meter DX Contest” and was recently recognized by the editors of “CQ The Radio Amateurs Journal” for their achievement. At the November club meeting, Rick Danby presented the Certificate of Merit to the following club members for their efforts.

  • VA3DJ – Dan Martinak
  • VE3BK – Rick Danby, present to accept the certificate.
  • VE3DCU – Sherry Goeller, present to accept the certificate.
  • VE3QEE – Marty Eedson, present to accept the certificate.
  • VE3QU – Scott Hamilton
  • VE3RIA – Andrew Best
  • VE3XMS – Mike Christmas
  • VE3WBT – Jacques Gauthier

The club station VE3DC was 1st place Multi Operator SSB Canada.

Position 7th in North America

Position 19th in the WORLD!!!

The team’s total score was 176,928[/box]